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Date of Release:2019-11-06viewed:53

Basic Information


Type:New Project

Cooperation Mode:Joint Venture

Industry:Scientific Research, Technical Services

Location:France [Hauts-de-France]

Validity:2 years


Full Address:n/a


Project description
Wavely is specialized in acoustics. Making sense of noise is our job. By combining signal processing and AI we listen to industrial machines to tell if they are working properly or have a malfunction.

Wavely is a start-up specialized in analysing sounds, created in 2017. The team gathers 15 experts in machine learning, acoustics and audio signal processing. Our acoustic and vibration sensors and embedded algorithms detect anomalies on industrial machines before they breakdown. Maintenance team gets an alert enabling her to intervene at the right moment, enabling planning optimization, reducing downtime, which means huge savings for the factory.

Funds and Budgets

Total Investment:3($mil)

Total Proposed Investment:1($mil)

EST. Annual Sales Revenue:1.6($mil)

EST. Payback Period:3year

EST. Number of Employees:20person

Other Information


Environmental Statement:n/a

Qualifications of Investor:n/a

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