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Fronting onto Weihai [VR, Video]
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A Garden-like Coastal City

Weihai, dubbed China’s Garden City, rests along the shoreline in the northeastern end of Shandong. This coastal city boasts lush forests, picturesque islands, and more than 600 miles of beautiful, clean beaches! Its clean waters and fertile land have given way to large agricultural industry and the largest production of seafood in all of China. In addition to its great beauty, Weihai has been a city of great importance since China reopened its doors to foreign investment in the 1980s. Now, education and research thrive with hundreds of programs available to students from around the world. In addition to its student travelers, many corporations have come to call this city home. Natural beauty, a booming business culture, and high standards of living have led the United Nations and other international groups to name Weihai as one of the most livable cities in the world.

This alluring city is also steeped in a rich history. While belonging to China now, the mainland area was once leased to the United Kingdom for many years, while Luigong island across the bay was leased to Russia! As time went on, the area was captured by the Japanese when China lost territory in the Sino-Japanese War in 1895. The area then remained under Japanese control until the end of the Second World War. Because of this extreme mix of ownership, Weihai is a cultural haven for people of all ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds.

Today, popular attractions include the Cheng Shan Tou Cliff at Rong Cheng where visitors can admire a unique memorial to the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang who is known best for unifying China in 221 BC; Liugong Island, considered the birthplace of the Chinese navy and home to both modern and historic battle ships; the Hekou Fishing Village, famed for their interesting and ingenious seaweed roofing; and Swan Lake, the migration destination of thousands of swans who arrive from Russia each winter! Make sure to leave plenty of time in your schedule for exploring the many attractions and landscapes of this city.